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June, 21 2022

What is Data Governance and Why Do You Need It?

If you don’t make time to clean and tidy up your house, it will invariably descend into disorder. Th[...]

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March, 18 2021

One Thing CIOs, CDOs & CMOs Can Agree On - “Good” Data Is Hard to Find

Nobody Knows “We’re making high value (marketing) decisions using business dashboards we can’t trust[...]

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February, 10 2021

The New Test Pyramid for Data-Driven Businesses

Reframing Cohn’s test pyramid for a data-driven world could help transform your business. The test p[...]

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January, 08 2021

Data Quality Maturity: Unlock Performance, Cut Costs

Your data drives your business, so data quality (or the lack of it) can have far-reaching impacts. E[...]

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