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Building Trust in Data Quality by Establishing A Lean DQ Process




The client is a Fortune 100 Media Brand and a leading provider of streaming media that’s investing a $1 billion/year in advertising to rapidly expand its market share. They are using multiple data sources to track the success of their channels and plan quarterly ad budgets. The client’s Data Quality team had been using several commercial and open-source packages to establish a Data Quality (DQ) process that checked incoming data at various stages before it was made available to data scientists across 4 business units. However, the business units suspected data quality problems whenever they encountered an issue, which caused unnecessary delays and undermined their ability to make timely decisions. Ultranauts was engaged to perform a Data Quality Audit, identify opportunities for improvement, and increase the business units’ trust in the data being made available to them.


$1B annual ad budget protected
Efficiency gained by identifying redundant quality tests across 4 business units  
Trust established through the design of a lean, transparent data quality process