Software Test Automation

Are You Ready for Launch?

Are you in the midst of a transformation and shifting to DevOps, but don’t have a test automation strategy defined?Or are you scaling rapidly and in need of a solid foundation to build on, but don't have strong, technical quality engineering (QE) leadership in place?

When you need to jumpstart your software test automation effort and you can’t afford to risk getting it wrong, an Ultranauts Test Automation Launch Team can help.

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Ready to launch your software test automation?

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Our cognitively diverse quality engineering teams, 75% of whom are autistic, combine deep technical skills with an aptitude for rapidly absorbing complex domain knowledge, so we can hit the ground running.

In just 100 days (10 sprints), our expert team of full stack quality engineers will rapidly assess where test automation can have the greatest impact on your business, set up a test automation framework and governance process designed to meet your specific needs, and execute a testing blitz focused on driving the greatest coverage and business value, fast.

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